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The project, conceived and organized by Ring 14,  had its  first pilot edition in 2009, it aims to involve the brothers of people with disabilities, those who we lends less attention, less cited in the literature and the less considered in the context of interventions. In fact, when we speak about "family", mostly it means parents  and the activities are focused on them.
The brothers of people with complex disabilities, to whom we address with this initiative, share some difficulties:
- they are often on the margins of attention of their parents and of the family, focused on the needs of the disabled brothers;
- they are, in contrast, the heart of their parents expectations who often invest a lot on them, highlighting the difficulty to  interpret  their real needs and desires
- it’s very difficult for them to express emotions and needs both within the family and  in the group of peers, which hardly can share/understand their degree of responsibility
Nevertheless, the brothers of persons with disabilities must, in a future time, take care, more than others, of their deprived brothers, an  event  that, connoted  as "the future", is not always elaborated with sufficient clearness.
The project is aimed at pre-adolescent boys and girls who have a brother or sister with severe disabilities.
The intervention aims to facilitate the expression of the discomforts of the healthy brothers and help them to elaborate experiences, fears and future possibilities, as well as to initiate a constructive exchange with peers who have the same experiences and share the same reality.

FIRST EDITION (2009): Creation of the group, monthly path of meetings and activities, summer vacation on a navy brig in collaboration with the Foundation Tender To Nave.
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SECOND EDITION (2010): expansion of the group, strengthening of the team (2 educators and 1 psychologist), monthly path and 2 summer vacations: navigation in collaboration with the Foundation Tender To Nave of Genoa and holiday in tents at the Dynamo Camp. Structuring of a path with the parents group handled by two expert psychologists of family dynamics.
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THIRD EDITION (2011): in the brothers’ group's activities we have begun to introduce "the circle" coordinated by the psychologist, as a moment of  reflection and expression  about  the experiences. The path of parents has strengthened increasing the number of the meetings with the 2 psychologists and analyzing the family dynamics. The boys have attended the Dynamo vacation for the second year.
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FOURTH EDITION (2012): We lead  the boys towards a greater autonomy through some meetings attended with the staff alternated  to the meetings individually managed by the boys. A short holiday at the Dynamo and a WE in a camping are planned. Also the families will follow this path organizing, independently, some meetings.
The project  is promoted by Ring 14 in partnership with the Association  Prader Willy of Parma.

For information:
Alessandra Vighi: tel. +39 3489500941-mail:


Project "Being siblings of..." 2012 (108 KB)
Interview Dr. Luca Ventura (50 KB)
The thoughts of the sibilings and families (40 KB)
Pedagogical & scientific bases of the project (30 KB)
The idea of the project (47 KB)

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