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Please make a donation

Please make a donation


The Ring14 Managing Board has accepted to implement an international GRANT supporting scientific research project on international basis lasting one year with a 50,000 Euro budget, chosen according to the PEER REVIEW concept.

The project will need to be developped within the specific fields of the basic or pre-clinical research, aimed at the understanding of the pathogenesis of the Ring 14 syndrom and/or tests for potentional therapeutical cares. Successful applications should open a path towards new ways of research on the Ring 14 syndrom and lead to the formulation of future requests of financing of large organisms and entities also of international nature.

This invitation is addressed only to those researchers who attented the 1st Ring 14 Workshop, which took place the last month of October 2011. They will receive the application form. The collaboration between two centres (a coordinator and a partner) only will be admitted. Deadline for the application is January 15 2012 directly to

Only the candidates that will pass this first selection will be invited to submit a complete curriculum.
The letter of intent as well as the complete application form will be examined and selected according to the peer-review concept by an ad-hoc committee of international scientists.

We expect the selection to be achieved by April 2012 and the names of the winners to be published on this site.

RING14 Italy and RING14 USA are pleased to inform that in view of the high sicneitif value of two of the projects submitted during our first INTERNATIONAL GRANT, which an international board of experts has selected on a peer review basis, the Board of Directors has resolved to finance both of them and to extend their duration to two years.

The first project bears the title “Creation of a Ring14 mouse model to better understand the physiopathology of the human syndrome” under the responsibility of Professor Yann Hérault, director of the Institut Clinique de la Souris, and has started in August 2012.

The second project bears the title “Analysis of the gene e3xpression in the Ring14 syndrom” under the responsibility of Professor Nancy Spinner of the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, in cooperation with Professor Giovanni Neri of the Istituto di Genetica Medica, Università Cattolica Sacro Cuore of Rome, and has started in October 2012.

The results of these studies will be submitted during the second international workshop which will be held in 2014. Good luck to everybody!

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