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Without the fundamental and invaluable assistance of our VOLUNTEERS, our professional and dedicated staff, the Scientific Advisory Board and the Board of Directors would not have been able to implement the projects of Ring 14.
Our generous volunteers give us their time, energy and talent, while asking nothing in return. Their gratification comes from knowing that they are contributing to an important cause, a cause that, more times than not, does not personally touch them.
Our volunteers are divided into groups according to their activities:

: These are professionals who translate all documents produced by our organization into English, French, Spanish and German. These include letters from families all over the world, stories of our children that are on our website and scientific papers. Clear translations allow us to communicate effectively everywhere in the world at no cost to us, thus saving precious resources.

Altieri Magdalena
Battaglio Diana
Bettati Elisabetta
Bianco Anna Monica
Bizeul Mylene
Boni Maurizio
Brown Di Benedetto Chiara
Burani Federica
Caiti Federica
Caraffi Stefano
Carpi Lucia
Da Rin Betta Sara
De Giovanni Monica
De Tommaso Samantha
Desrochers Denise
Dordas Judoth
Fernandez Esther
Florian Marco
Fortuna Maria Paola
Giamprini Massimiliano
Gradizuela Carolina
Leinung Angela
Lipani Roberto
Lyman Carmen
Maraner Fabrizio
Martinez Perez Vanessa
Mistretta Antonella
Pauzenberger Claudia
Renghi Silvia
Rugginenti Emanuela
Santamaria Nova Morgan
Sau Raventos Daniel
Scaltriti Paola
Siligardi Chiara
Soellner Biancamaria
Terruzzi Angela

Stall sale: These are the people who help raise money for us by making and selling handmade crafts at events. By donating their time and talent to these activities, they also help raise awareness of our organization.

Alpini Sezione Reggio Emilia
Bondavalli Anna
Biancolini Elena
Buffagni Sonia
Calisti Simona
Centro Sociale Roncocesi
Duniani Elena
Duniani Vilma
Ferretti Valentina
Fieri Renata
Fumi Elio
Ganassi Alessandra
Giorgini Anna
Guidetti Anna
Lo Scocco Sara
Lombardi Maria Letizia
Lotti Mara
Lusetti Mery
Maluta Francesco
Mareggini Giuseppe e la
Parrocchia di Canali
Mazzi Lorenza
Mazzoni Sonia
Recchia Marisa
Rolle Aldina
Sabatini Paola
Scapinelli Pietro e l’Associazione
La Congrega dei Liffi
Vecchi Alessandra

Professionals: These are people with a wide range of expertise who help us in many different ways: administration, law, finance, graphic design, personnel issues and office maintenance.
From the simple to the complex, the tasks they perform allow us to improve the quality of our organization and to use our resources in the most efficient way possible.

Catellani Andrea e Maggio Selene
Cattolico Sergio
Dalla Salda Valeria e Lisa
Ferrari Marco
Foletti Andrea
Fontanesi Silvia
Giustardi Annamaria
Guidetti Antonio
Incerti Ivano
La Monica Giovanna
Mansani Luigi
Mazzoni Sonia
Medici Dino
Pergetti Francesca
Ricci Mario
Rossi Anna
Rossi Marina
Rossi Matteo
Saetti Livia
Vergassola Dario
Zini Antonio

We would also like to recognize the many families around the world who have been instrumental in starting local groups as well as spearheading the fundraising in their own cities.

Armanini Delfina
Armanini Giovanna
Azzali Francesca
Azzali Mirto
Azzali Nicola
Azzali Stefania
Bruni Daniela
Deguisne Ingrid
DeWoody Yssa
Ferrari Norberto
Fiscale Corrado
Gatti Stefania
Ingangi Assunta
Lee Alex
Maiolo Annamaria
Russo Andrea
Russo Monica
Torelli Paola
Venditto Lucia
Weitzman Silvia

All in all, there are many people who, over the years, have volunteered their time and their talents to our organization. We thank them, not only for what they have done, but also for their presence in our lives.

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